Lorry Repairs 

This is heavy duty technician work that requires the skills of an extremely experienced definition who is certified in heavy duty vehicle maintenance and repairs. These mechanics go to school to get their degrees in heavy equipment repair management and help keep those who live and work in the freezing cold arctic areas up and running in their heavy equipment all terrain winter vehicles. They are absolutely necessary to the colder areas of the globe and make a lot of money as a career because of the difficult locations they have to live in and how cold it is doing lorry repairs.

Working on Lorry repairs is no simple task.

Lorry repair involves many aspects of maintenance. They do such tasks as –

  • Inspection of the vehicles by following a specific checklist and guidelines according to your local jurisdiction to make sure they are safe and road legal
  • Make sure that a lorry starts up without difficulty as you could get stuck a hundred miles away from the nearest mechanic so lorry maintenance is an absolute must
  • They fix bigger issues like transmissions, engines, steering problems, radiator, rear axles and anything that you can not service on your own with a simple jack
  • Some lorry repairs companies also do towing and will come to you if your lorry ever breaks down and can help you get back to safety while they work in your heavy equipment. 
  • Do test drives on the vehicles 
  • Diagnostic testing with certified diagnostic equipment and get the results for the customer
  • Check the voltage of the electronic parts of the lorry
  • Do the raising and repairing of under the heavy vehicle portion as they have the proper equipment to fix any issues that arise.
  • Do wheel alignments and tighten down loose screws and bolts and put on difficult to attach component

Some things You Can Learn

  • Simple jobs like changing the oil
  • Cleaning corroded batteries
  • Filling up the lubricants needed in the lorry to keep it running
  • Replacing and tightening the battery and it’s components
  • Changing the tire if it comes with a large enough jack system, if not let lorry repairs do it for you.

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