Truck Repairs 

Some truck repairs take a professional and certified mechanic to handle, while there are some minor maintenance issues that you can handle on your own accord. Some things you can do on your own are-
• Charging and changing the battery
• Installing a new battery
• Changing the lights
• Switching out spark plugs
• Cleaning the interior and exterior
• Changing the tires
• Putting air in the tires and checking they are at full psi so you have even air in all four
• Changing the oil
• Changing filters
• Changing windshield wiper blades.
• Topping off fluids like oil, brake fluid, antifreeze and other basic fluids by seeing where they are located in the manual
• Checking your oil
• dent removal and small paint repairs

Jobs for a Truck Mechanic

While some of the above-mentioned maintenance repairs you can do on your own by learning from somebody else or by watching videos on the internet, some things you do not want to do on your own. Anything that requires the car to be lifted up a significant degree you want to have professional truck repairs done on it so you do not get hurt. Many accidents can be prevented by taking it to a truck repair shop because the mechanics have the tools and the know how to do them the right way without anyone getting injured. You never want to do these tasks on your own-

  • Fixing any broken glass or windshield
  • Changing a transmission
  • Engine repair
  • Difficult Body work
  • Radiator issues
  • Anything that requires more than a simple jacks

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